Bring Your Imagination To Life

Bring your imagination to life.

A double-decker pirate ship with three slides and multiple crawl tubes? Yeah, we can do that.

A custom playground is a wonderful thing

If you are tasked with designing a playground or park, you have a fun task ahead. But there is some pressure too. The space you design has to have plenty of high-quality site amenities, adhere to strict safety standards and have enough play structures to handle the hordes of kids. A great playground will complement or even showcase your community’s unique culture.

Customizable equipment can add the right touch

Virtually anything can be customized to suit your space. From trash receptacles, water fountains, park benches, and walking surfaces, to themed play equipment and outdoor play spaces, Sterling West can design all of these to fit a certain style or theme.

Let us help

Add Sterling West to your design team, and we can help you design a one-of-a-kind playground or park. Whether you envision a themed playground with custom design or want to install something fun right out of the box, Sterling West can help you create a park or playground that is safe, fun, and comfortable for everyone. We will help you answer a few questions that will help define the area you want to create:

  • Who will use the area?
  • Are there any historical events or themes you’d like to incorporate?
  • What colors and materials would you like to use?

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience in designing and installing playgrounds and park amenities, and we will ensure you make the right decisions in regards to your needs and budget. Call us today, and we can start planning your outdoor space!