Sterling West Can Find Any Umbrella That Suits Your Needs

We partner with the best because they build the best.

We’ve all seen the common patio umbrella that you can pick out and easily install with patio furniture. Sterling West goes far above that. We partner with the highest quality suppliers of outdoor equipment. A commercial patio umbrella is a completely different product with each designed for structural integrity, ease of use, and long lasting life. These outdoor umbrellas are created with a professional appeal that could fit in a country club or restaurant patio.

Many of our umbrellas offer either steel or fiberglass construction. These umbrellas are designed to be wind resistant and secure from falling with many offered in waterproof or resistant designs. They come in various sizes for large commercial patio umbrellas that can cover an entire table or smaller ones that shade individual leisure spaces. We will find a way to seamlessly integrate our commercial umbrellas into your outdoor space.

We provide more than just shade.

Sterling West is not just about making your outdoor spaces more inviting – we are protecting your investments. Direct sunlight and other elements of weather would take their toll without the protection that our umbrellas offer. We want to protect your patrons and equipment from the exposure to the elements.

We have been serving the parks and recreation industry for over 12 years. Sterling West is not just a supplier of outdoor structures, but also a partner in encouraging people of all ages to explore and enjoy the outdoors more. We take advantage of cutting edge technology to create the best structures to fit your outdoor space needs. Umbrellas might seem simple to some people, but we take pride in the details of commercial outdoor umbrellas. We are experts in the type of umbrella that your outdoor space needs.  

A professional umbrella can actually help your business.

Commercial grade patio umbrellas are one of the most highly adaptable shade structures that we deliver. All of our shade structures are built with high quality materials by top product manufacturers. Sterling West can also further customize your shade structures to match our own upgrades and designs. We want you to be able to take full advantage of your outdoor areas. This is why we won’t just work to make these areas more appealing, we can also work to make them more marketable. Sterling West can help you maximize the marketing potential of an outdoor space with bright colors or even signature branding. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation of your outdoor space.