Our Shades Can Transform Your Space

We will customize our shades to fit your space.

Finding the right type of shade structure for your outdoor space can be challenging. Sterling West understands this. That is why we offer a free consultation. We will visit your space and assist you in making the best choices for your outdoor environment. Whether it is a simple patio, a sporting venue, or an oceanside sunbathing walkway, Sterling West can shape our shades to fit your needs.

Our roof shades are some of our most commonly requested items. They can make any outdoor space more inviting. They could turn a set of bleachers from a burning hot seat into a comfortable spot to watch the baseball game while hiding from the summer heat. A properly designed roof shade can turn a blank space of concrete into a venue for hosting all sorts of events. Putting up a shade might sound simple, but we take it seriously.   

Our shades aren’t just effective, they are also safe and long lasting.

We don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your outdoor environments. It is our mission to integrate our shades into your environment without causing any disruption. Our roof shades will only make your outdoor spaces easier to use. We can custom match the colors of your space that are already there. Our experts can install electrical outlets in the support structure to make it even more inviting.

Some standard sunscreens and patio covers can only block direct sunlight for certain types of venues. We adapt our structures to whatever your space requires. Our shades come in various shapes and sizes to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. We can meet all of these requirements and still make our structures easy to install.  

A lot of work goes into a roof shade.

The roof shade material that we use is not just a simple cloth spread across a metal structure – detailed work goes into every aspect of the construction. We want your shade to last a long time and function safely, so that means ensuring there is the lowest risk possible by partnering with top quality manufacturers.

As an outdoor structure, roof shades have to be engineered to withstand the rigors of all types of weather. The shade panels from our manufacturers are made of a cloth designed to be fire retardant. All of our traditional shade fabric colors are California Fire Marshal certified, which is the highest standard in flame resistance.

The stainless steel frame that supports and holds up our shades is put through a rigorous three step process to reduce the risk of rust. First, the raw steel is blasted to a ‘white’ state. This removes surface rust and oils. Then, the steel frames are coated electrostatically with an Epoxy TGIC Powder Coating Zinc-Rich Primer. Finally, another coat of Superdurable Polyester TGIC is applied. This advanced powder coating has been put through 5000 hours of testing. This coating will resist rot mildew and won’t become brittle over time.   

All of this work is done before we even visit your site. We work this hard because we want to exceed your expectations.