Music moves the brain to pay attention, according to a Stanford study.

Young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory compared to children who do not, according to the National Association for Music Education.

There are numerous studies by reputable organizations about the benefits of music on a young child’s developing brain. Nearly all of them agree on this one fact: In order for children to fully reap the cognitive benefits of music, they need to be actively engaged in the music.

Playing a musical instrument strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. It improves concentration. Children learn about cause and effect by experiencing how different actions result in different sounds, and stringing together several actions results in a beautiful song.

But most of all, music is an expression of creative freedom. It does a lot of important things for your brain, but simply put, it makes us feel good. Children love to sing, dance, and play music. It’s a love that grows in your soul and remains through adulthood.

Musical play doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors. Today, children and adults alike are enjoying musical play in the freedom of nature. The combination of the benefits of musical play with the benefits of being outdoors promotes a sense of well-being. It’s a wonderful way to soothe the soul. Music is a language everyone can understand, and people of all ability levels can participate. It’s no wonder outdoor musical instruments are finding their way into school playgrounds and parks around the world.

Outdoor musical play is a natural fit anywhere people gather:

School playgrounds. Musical play instruments on a school playground provide opportunities nearly every day to expose children to the benefits of musical interaction. Children also build social skills through these instruments by learning to share and cooperate with others to create beautiful sound. Children don’t even know they are learning when they interact with music!

City parks and homeowners associations. Creating a musical play area in a city park or neighborhood brings people together. It’s a fact! A beautiful and interactive park creates positive interactions among children and adults and benefits an entire community.

Hospitals. Patients and visitors of all ages benefit from musical play during a stressful situation. Fresh air, sunshine, bright colors, and the musical interaction gently lifts your spirits.

Sensory gardens. Create a garden that stimulates the senses. Colorful, fragrant flowers and shrubs are a sight and smell to behold; fuzzy leaves, spongy moss, and rough bark create interesting textures; ornamental grasses “swoosh” in the breeze; and fruiting plants like strawberries and blueberries stimulate taste buds. Strategically placed outdoor musical instruments blend with these stimulants to produce a surprise around every corner and enhance the beauty of the garden through sound. Include a shade sail above benches for visitors to sit and take it all in!

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Senior citizens need brain stimulation too! Music activities, both music listening and music making, can influence older adults’ perception about the quality of their lives and improve their mental health. Throw in a few minutes in the fresh air and sunshine and you are likely to see a happier senior.

Let us help you invigorate life through outdoor musical play! Our experience in the park and playground industry has led us to the best manufacturers and products. We can help you design an outdoor musical play area for your playground or park.

See and listen to these outdoor musical play instruments:

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