Serving Midwest States And The USA In Outdoor Fun And Excitement

The Midwest's Playground Provider

Our mission is to experience the joy of seeing people of all ages have fun and stay fit, knowing we have enriched the lives of others. As your one-stop-shop for outdoor play systems and park equipment, we have experience in developing small independent playgrounds and large-scale game environments. Whether you need an indoor play park, water park, or a school playground that wants to be the envy of all other surrounding schools, we are the visionary for you!

Premier Norwell Distributor

Sterling West is proud to deliver Norwell outdoor fitness equipment all across North America —wherever it is that you want to achieve your fitness goals and get in better shape, we provide the equipment to help get you there. Sterling West will help you choose the best equipment for your facility and make working out more engaging than ever before! Give your business or campus the bonus of an all-inclusive outdoor workout area.

Midwest Playground Provider

Sterling West provides playground equipment solutions for local playgrounds in many states. We primarily service;

  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Western Kansas
  • Western Iowa

We provide innovative, safe, unique playground equipment for your local playground, outdoor play area, school park, and community center. Sterling West’s equipment and surfacing pass all safety standards set by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA and provides a weather-resistant solution for children’s’ playtime problems.

Our playground equipment is the best way to make sure a child is engaged in a physically-active, socially-interactive environment. There’s never been a more fun way to learn how to play with others—be it on our merry-go-round equipment, musical play areas, spring riders, or any of our state of the art independent play structures. Let us make your playtime the best time. Call today for a free consultation and make your outdoor play area the playground your inner-child has always dreamed of.