Add A Unique Outdoor Playhouse To Your Playground For Imaginative Fun

Playground Playhouse

Playtime has always been filled with playing house and pretending to be an adult. Sterling West has a wide array of playhouses that children with any interests will find a use for. Superior construction and maintenance free materials will give hours of playtime and let imaginations run wild!


A Unique Outdoor Playhouse

Anyone can build a play house, but what if there were options to be a police chief in police headquarters? Or a cowgirl wrangling up some grub on the range? Sterling West has taken the fun of a playhouse and made it into an imaginative time for unlimited ideas! Some of the outdoor playhouses we have are;

  • Beach House
  • Stone Cottage
  • Pioneer Playhouse
  • Sand Chalet
  • Barn Playhouse
  • Schoolhouse
  • Church
  • Deluxe Gas Station
  • Off-Road Truck
  • Helicopter
  • Lunar Rover
  • School Bus
  • And more!

The possibilities are endless with our playhouses! Give the kids the beginning of interaction and dramatic play for self-expression and fun!


Playhouse Construction

Our playgrounds meet or exceed all industry standards and we are proud to give the best to our customers! All our products must pass our IPEMA in-house testing as well as non-leaching color, no sharp corners, and ASTM Standards. Our playhouses are created out of HDPE plastic sheets and roto-molded plastics that offer extreme durability while taking all the beatings kids can dish out.

Start a child’s creative urge to be an army guy, teacher, mermaid, or moonwalker, with a Sterling West playhouse. Call us today to see which playhouse will fit your personality.