Nothing Says Timeless Quite Like A Swing Set

The Swing Sets Omaha Wants

Swings have been a playground staple for decades and there’s a reason why – the innate calm about gently rocking back and forth and something entirely thrilling about pumping your legs harder and harder, so you can touch the sky. Sterling West offers the perfect solution that gives everyone a chance to enjoy this timeless classic. By diversifying our swing set options, more children can have a turn than ever before. Sterling West wants every child to feel included and with our broad selection of swing set options, no matter what your child is looking for, they can find it at Sterling West.


All-Inclusive Swings

Sterling West offers a comprehensive range of swings for all ages and accommodations.

  • ADA accommodating seats
  • Full body adaptive swing sets
  • Swinging platforms for wheelchairs

We strive to meet your unique specifications so more children can enjoy playtime than ever before.


Team Swings

No longer a solo activity, we offer a range of team swings that facilitate friendship and cooperation. When space is an issue, team swings provide a solution;

  • Tire swings for swing sets
  • Team seats
  • Bird’s nest swings

Putting a new spin, or swing, on an old classic so that children can engage socially with one another. Additionally, we offer comprehensive installation as well as replacement parts, so there’s no downtime during playtime.


Our goal is to give children the best opportunity to enjoy themselves—it can be devastating to have people left out due to a lack of space, a lack of resources, and a lack of swings. Sterling West offers a solution that’s inclusive, safe, and perfect for touching the sky.