Stay Outside Even In The Inclement Weather

Types Of Park Shelters

At Sterling West, we offer a wide variety of park shelters that can fit into any environment and add much-needed shelter. These structures help protect your guests from the wind, cold, sun, and rain.

Some of the park shelter types you can choose from include:

  • Square Shelters – Simple shade for any environment
  • Hexagon Shelters – Great for shading small playground areas and picnic areas
  • Octagon Shelters – Picnic tables’ shade for a snack
  • Gabled Shelters – Perfect shelters to be reserved for a day outside
  • Hipped Shelters – Additional shade for walkways, bus stop seating, and bleachers
  • Bay Steel Framed Shelters – Upgrade to steel for longevity and lasting fun
  • And More!

Whether you are seeking a custom design or a traditional shelter, you can trust the Sterling West team to help you choose the right structure for your park and install it so that it can benefit your school, park, or community center for years to come. In addition to these amenities, our team can help you achieve an all-inclusive park or outdoor exercise area.

Sterling West Shade Options

Contact Sterling West today for a free quote of park shelter construction using metal or wood frames or for the complete selection of our products. You may combine two or more frame styles for a more customized and personalized look. We understand the difficulty of deciding which is the best park shelter for you so we can help you choose! We’ll visit your site for a free consultation and help you see how beautiful and valuable your space can be with a new park shelter.