Engineered Wood Fiber Is A Cost-Effective Ground Covering Solution

Engineered Wood Fiber

Sterling West offers a comprehensive range of surfacing solutions designed to meet your budget and keep your area looking great year-round. Our engineered wood-fiber is a great cost-effective option, specifically designed for outdoor playground areas, and offers a greater fall safety rating.



We are proud to have developed Fibermax, our own brand of engineered wood fiber or EWF. Because we manufacture our own wood-fiber pieces, they offer a safe, cost-effective solution for whatever outdoor area you’re looking to surface. Since our engineered wood fiber playground is manufactured in-house, we pass the savings onto you. Our expertise has allowed us to create a superior playground fill that will keep your area safe and fun.


Special Design

Our experience in the playground industry has given us special insight to what works best on playgrounds. By developing our brand, Fibermax, we have helped improve our clients’ playgrounds from the ground up. When manufacturing wood fiber fill, there is a unique set of requirements to help lengthen the lifespan of your playground’s base;

  • Uniform size
  • No bark to prevent decay
  • Does not attract insects
  • Natural wood with no harmful chemicals

Say goodbye to generic, weathered solutions that decay quickly and don’t provide safety and comfort—Sterling West’s engineered wood-fiber pieces offer an optimal solution for safety and accessibility, so your playground surfacing can cushion falls and accentuate the playgrounds structure you’ve always wanted for your children.


Fall Safety

Nothing brings playtime to a quicker end than a scary fall; a child’s cry signals the change from joyous independent play to apprehensive silence. Make sure that if your guests fall, they fall on to a safe, specifically-engineered surface that’s designed to weather the storm of continuous play. Fibermax’s custom-designed wood fiber is here to the rescue, saving playtime for all and giving parents, teachers, and administrators the peace of mind that they’re playing safely. Call Sterling West today for a free sample and quote!