Climb A Mountain Or An Alien Planet On Our Climbing Walls

Playground Climbing Walls

There’s no better opportunity for exploration than the variety of climbing walls available to new playgrounds. A child’s imagination is an incredible force—when they climb a Sterling West climbing wall, it’s not just a simple task. They could be reaching for the stars while embarking on a daring expedition, scaling a peak that no person has ever considered climbing before! It’s the perfect canvas for them to explore the nuances and scope of their imagination. Simply put, Sterling West’s rock climbing wall offers a safe and engaging platform for children to explore like never before.

Types of Climbers

  • Roto-Molded Climbers – These freestanding climbers come in a variety of powder coat colors and offer durable plastic exterior.
  • Roto-Molded Matrix Climbers – Challenging and economical, these inside-outside climbers are great for climbing, hiding, and imaginations.
  • Traditional Climbers – The biggest bang for your buck, traditional climbers offer a lot of activity in a small area. Whether it’s a rock climbing wall or traverse wall, little monkeys will love these.
  • Panel Climbers – Hand and foot holds offer a challenge for all and are made with ¾” HDPE panels for sturdy, weather-resistant durability.
  • Net Climbers – Constructed with steel core rope, this moving matrix of webs move and react as children climb together for an integrated but solo play atmosphere.
  • Boulder Climbers – Don’t get eaten by the alligators or step on the lava, these boulders are perfect for jumping, climbing, and imagination play. They are nature-inspired and will never need touching up if scraped or chipped.

Benefits Of Climbing Walls

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your playground’s equipment. Children’s imaginations shouldn’t be diminished, and we want to give them the best opportunity to project on to our diverse range of climbing walls. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, every customized hold, ledge, and bump on your walls is what you’ve been looking for in a climbing wall or rock wall. Our structures accommodate a broad range of ages so that everyone can join in on the fun as well as;

  • Encourage independent play
  • Usage of major muscle groups
  • Activate imaginations
  • Exercise problem-solving skills

Climbing walls are a terrific way to for a child to physically exert themselves and you can feel confident that Sterling West’s climbing walls are helping them grow stronger and smarter with each transverse of the wall.