Get A Modular Playground That Fits Your Needs And Space

Modular Playgrounds

Sterling West is excited to offer a variety of options in modular playground equipment – the possibilities are endless! No matter the size of your budget or land, we have the thrills guaranteed to excite everyone from tyke to teen! With the ability to custom design or choose one of our pre-designed playgrounds, there’s no end to the ideas you can imagine.


What is A Modular Playground?

Many playgrounds you see are classified as a modular playground. A modular play system is a group of modules that fit together to form various sizes, shapes, challenges, and accessibility. By connecting slides and climbers to decks and ramps, you can develop a configuration that will fit specifically in your space for your intended audience. This allows any size or shape space you have to get the most bang for your buck. When you have limited space, but want maximum wow-factor, a modular playground system will allow more children to partake in the fun you’ve brought to them.


The One and The Many

With our bag of tricks, there are endless options that are sure to suit any need! Modular play systems offer excitement with different activities all in one large system. Mix and match each part to get the best of the best for your kids. It’s easy to customize your playground by adding;


Commercial Modular Playgrounds

Commercial modular playgrounds offer unlimited imagination and exercise activities and you can gear your playground toward specific themes or ideas.

  • Traditional Play – The modern playground has evolved into a well presented, thoughtfully configured unit using materials that are built to last!
  • Free Play – With no entry or exit, there’s a labyrinth of interactive activities to challenge young minds and bodies.
  • Net Play – Climbing nets move in ways a solid structure can’t. A new dimension to any playground, our nets offer unique challenges and amazingly creative structures.
  • Themed Play – A child’s imagination is a beautiful thing. Our theme play helps create a one-of-a-kind playground with any theme imaginable!


All children love the idea of playing outdoors. It is so much fun for them when they get to play outdoors on various kinds of playground equipment. Falling and getting hurt while playing is inescapable and is hard to be avoided. Therefore, child safety and quality become determining factors while selecting the proper playground equipment and most important is a properly certified surfacing under the play structure. Modular play systems are designed with safety in mind so you can rest at ease while your kids discover what it’s like to fly on a trapeze at their imaginary circus!