For A Tubular Time, Our Crawl Tubes Do The Trick

Crawling Tubes

Sterling West’s crawl tubes and tunnels are an ideal way to engage children in crawling, hiding, and exploring. Perfect for hide and seek, tag, and other fun playground games, a crawl tube or a crawl tunnel is an ideal way to engage children in a sensory activity that’s exciting. Available in an array of vibrant colors and a variety of designs, our tubes and tunnels are always an adventure. Not every child wants to fly high on the swings or zip down a slide—for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Sterling West’s tubes and tunnels are a safe alternative that allows them the chance to have just as much fun as the big kids.

Benefits of Using Crawling Tubes in A Playground

Crawl tubes and crawl tunnels have added benefits to playgrounds other than just looking good.

  • Connect Structures – Use a crawl tunnel to connect two modules together for a custom look and structure.
  • Problem Solving – Limited movement of arms or legs helps a child think of new ways to use their body and get out of tight places.
  • Develop Motor Skills – Crawling and scooting helps build muscles and movement in areas that may not be used often.
  • Sensory Stimulation – The confined places mimic the womb, which children react well to in younger ages.

The most important part of independent play is involvement—our playground equipment is tailored to fit every age group, so your child is getting the most out of play time. Your outdoor play area should be as versatile as a child’s mind is expansive; with Sterling West, we foster imagination and make playtime a time to learn. From slides and swing sets to musical play and spring riders, Sterling West’s playground equipment makes sure boys and girls of any age will be able to join in the fun! Call today for a quote; the sooner you call, the more play time you’ll have on our one-of-a-kind playgrounds.