Jump On A Motorcycle Or Ride A Lion – Our Spring Rider Choices Are Endless

Playground Riders

Sterling West’s spring riders are the perfect complement to slides, swing sets, and other playground equipment you may already have. With a broad variety of fun designs available, you can choose the spring rider that makes the most out of your play area and helps a child’s imagination soar. Sterling West also offers replacement parts, so the fun will never stop! We offer many shapes and designs;


Spring Animals

  • Horses
  • Bears
  • Lions
  • Pigs
  • Trout


Spring Vehicles

  • Fire Truck
  • Motorcycles
  • Space Shuttle
  • Airplanes


Sterling West’s commercial-certified playground equipment is available for use in parks, schools, or community areas, and are built to ensure every child has a chance to enjoy playtime. Because we test all of our playground equipment against our rigorous safety standards, they are built from high density polyethylene (HDPE), steel, or roto-molded plastic. It doesn’t matter where your child rides our spring riders—you can be confident that they’ll safely be having the time of their life while they embark on a daring safari on the back of a mighty lion or flying further than the moon in a spaceship.


Playground Spring Riders

Independent play is a crucial activity that’s proven to develop social skills and cognitive ability. Our playground spring riders bring out the best in every child—because they’re able to be enjoyed independently or with friends. Spring riders serve as a versatile, malleable tool to sharpen a child’s creative thought process, increase the opportunity to interact with others, as well as help stability skills.


Not every kid wants to fly high on the swings or wait in line for a trip down the slide. For the best way to accommodate every child, Sterling West offers a broad variety of playground equipment that works in tandem with one another to provide a comprehensive, engaging play experience. Our playground equipment is designed to bring the most out of every child so that playtime offers more than just a simple runaround—they can engage creatively with our spring riders to create whole new worlds and invite their friends to come along for the bouncy ride.