Playground Tiles Are Easy To Install And Prevent Injuries

Playground Tiles

Sterling West will make sure that your playground feels lived-in, exciting, and specifically your own. The more permanent playground surface option is rubber playground tiles that offer a durable, safe option that your guests will enjoy. Our playground tiles are eco-friendly and allow for easy installation and total customization, so that you will enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.


DIY Playground Tiling

Many communities want to be able to band together and help build their playground from start to finish. Rubber play tiles are easy to install and can be done without a professional installer to save you money. With two options for installation, the only requirement is a concrete or a compacted stone base before laying the tiles. For a do-it-yourself approach, our rubber playground tiles are a perfect solution for your playground’s surfacing.


Customize Your Playground

If you want an ideal area that children can run around in stress-free, our rubber playground tiles allow for a personalized touch. Many options will make this space your own;

  • Over 14 color options
  • Contrasting borders
  • Transitional components


Environmentally Sustainable

Our playground tiles are also eco-friendly; made from recycled rubber and other previously discarded materials. This environmentally responsible material was designed to keep both children and the world around them healthy. When using recycled material, Nebraska and Kansas offer grants to help cover the cost of using these environmentally-friendly resources.


Easily Maintained

Other loose-fill surfacing products require consistent maintenance—our tiles are built to last with little-to-no upkeep necessary.



  • 15-year Manufacturer warranty
  • IPEMA certified
  • ASTM, CPSC, and LEED compliant
  • ADA accessible



  • UV resistant
  • Freeze/thaw resistant
  • 100% environmentally sustainable
  • Fall height options
  • Low maintenance
  • No mess