Round And Round, Our Merry-Go-Rounds Are Sure To Get You Dizzy

Merry Go Round For Playground

Who needs an amusement park when you have a playground close by? Let Sterling West bring the party to your playground with a playground spinner or merry-go-round equipment. Rudimentary, unexciting playground equipment leaves no room for the imagination—at Sterling West, we want to turn your playground into an everyday amusement park.


ADA Accessible Merry Go Round

Available in multiple designs, you can be sure that your playground will look exactly the way you always imagined and include everyone in the fun. The inclusive orbit, our inclusive merry-go-round play structure, is ADA accessible. Because it sits flush with our safe, durable surfacing, wheelchairs can roll on smoothly and young children can sit or stand with ease. Perfect for children of all ages, this is one playground spinner every park needs!


Merry-Go-Round Independent Play

Independent play is a crucial part of developing a child’s social skills. It lets their imaginations run wild while learning how to share. Sterling West’s merry-go-round playground equipment is a terrific way to safely develop these skills—with enough space for plenty of friends; you can be sure that every child at your playground will have a chance to go on the ride of their lives. There are many different types of merry go rounds and spinners that are more contemporary then the merry-go-rounds of yesteryear;

  • Spinner
  • Hurricane Spinner
  • Tea Cup Spinner
  • Sonic Spinner
  • Air Glider
  • Aero-Whirl Spinner
  • Gravity Spinner Bowl
  • Rota Glide


The Best Value, for the Best Experience

With unparalleled customer service and a constant eye for how we can further develop classic playground mainstays, Sterling West strives to offer the best value for all of our merry go round playground equipment. Our merry-go-rounds are a perfect way to bring that festival excitement to your outdoor play area, school park, or even your backyard. With cutting-edge playground design, Sterling West is always looking for ways to improve on the old classics. Call today for a quote, and to start building the playground you wished you could’ve played on as a child.