Slide On Down For Some Fun

Playground Slides

Sterling West’s playground slides are the perfect place to start bringing your playground to life. For the ultimate playground experience, focus on the playground favorite – the slide! We’re not aiming to upset the status quo—we know how important a slide is to any playground, and we want to keep it that way! One thing almost everyone can agree on, the higher the slide, the more fun you’ll have!

Slides for All Ages

Sterling West carries slides for a wide age-range:

  • 2-5 years old – Slides up to 5 feet tall
  • 5-12 years old – Slides up to 12 feet tall
  • 12+ years old – Slides with unique shapes or set into a hill

Choosing your slide depends on the audience you are trying to attract. By ensuring the safety of everyone, Sterling West will help you make the best decisions for your playground.

Unique Slide Options

Sterling West has creative tube slide and tunnel slide designs, putting a contemporary spin on the old classic and encouraging children to use their imagination while zipping down our slides. Some other fun slide designs include;

  • Embankment Slide
  • Spiral Slide
  • Tube Slide
  • Roller Slide
  • Wave Slide
  • Triple Rail Slide
  • Double Wall Slide

Our goal is to keep a time-honored tradition alive, so it’s precisely what your visitors are looking for in a playground. For your outdoor playground, school playground, or any playground set, choose Sterling West for high-quality slides that fit any age group. Whether you are looking for a radical ride tube slide with a 90 degree angle or a wavy rider slide with bumps and grooves, your playground won’t feel like a playground without one.