Start A Band Or Explore A Solo Career With Musical Play From Sterling West

Music Is For All Children

Not every child wants to zip down slides and swing on a swing set; to accommodate every child and bring out the best in their imagination, Sterling West offers cost-effective musical play equipment! While the climbing walls, swing set, and jungle gym may be the centerpiece, our musical play equipment can be added around the edge of your playground during or after initial installation to maintain the original playground layout and give every child the chance to explore their interests.


Benefits of Musical Play

Children of all ages and accommodations can enjoy our musical play equipment. It’s a fantastic addition to your outdoor playground structure. Musical equipment has been proven to help:

  • Develop listening
  • Strengthen language
  • Build social skills
  • Explore creativity

For children who can’t partake in the climbing and running, musical play equipment gives them stimulating opportunities to stimulate their entertainment as well. Our musical equipment is ADA and wheelchair accessible, so that everyone can make some music. Children can embrace their inner Beyoncé and embark on a solo career, or join forces with the rest of Destiny’s Child and jam out with an entire band!


The Importance of Quality

Many other companies offer musical play equipment, but we recommend looking for equipment that creates real sound! Specifically designed musical equipment will withstand weather and wear, to produce clear and beautiful music.


Add-On Options

For those schools or businesses that have fundraising opportunities throughout the year, musical playground equipment is a perfect addition to already built playgrounds. The more cost-effective pieces add fun and whimsy to your already loved playground.


Sterling West offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution that can change how your child plays. Nothing says playtime quite like starting a jam band! Rock out with Sterling West and our musical play equipment today.