An Interactive, Handheld Motivational Tool On Your Phone

Norwell App

Having the best outdoor exercise equipment in an ideal location isn’t the only thing that will get your target audience moving – The Norwell fitness app offers an interactive, handheld motivation tool right in the palm of your hand! Any smartphone can access unique information about Norwell equipment for an interactive, fully immersive workout.

Smartphones and Exercise

We all have mobile phones, they are with us all the time, so why not take advantage of the information on the web through your cell phone. Norwell developed a smartphone app that allows Norwell fitness equipment users to access a wealth of information to help them on their exercise journey. Through Norwell’s app, athletes can;

  • Get instructions on different ways to use each station
  • Keep track of reps, count, distance, and time at each location
  • Share your scores on Facebook for a friendly challenge
  • Collect and combine stats for a team or group of people
  • Find the nearest Norwell park via GPS

Norwell Junior Challenge

Challenge your friends, set goals, and try to outdo your fellow teammates! The Norwell Junior Fitness Park App offers a fun, interactive option for youth to help get them more active. Available for iPod Touch, iPhones, and Android devices, any teen with access to a wi-fi enabled device can challenge those around them for a healthy competition.

QR Codes

The colored ID band on each station indicates what the station is used for, but it also has a QR code that can be scanned on a smartphone and will lead you directly toward training videos on how to use the station properly. Different suggestions offer many ways of exercising for an all-around, full-body workout.

Norwell Fitness Apps use new technology to innovate and entice everyone to get up and get moving. Motivate those around you with Norwell fitness equipment from Sterling West, today!