Bright Colors And Customization Options, Poured In Place Surfacing Is Eye Catching And Safe

Poured In Place Surfacing

Sterling West’s poured in place surfacing is an innovative, durable, and safe solution for your playground. With increased longevity and plenty of creative room for customized shapes, designs, and colors, poured in place surfacing is ideal if you want to have a playground specifically tailored to your wants, needs, and space accommodations. Our quality is unparalleled; for a solution that’ll last a lifetime, let Sterling West’s poured in place surfacing be the base on which you build your dream playground.


Benefits of Poured in Place Surfacing

  • Superior cushioning for safety
  • Durability in all weathers
  • Customizable in shape, color, and design
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs
  • Non-spreading
  • Slip resistant
  • Used on flat or non-flat surfaces

The ultimate goal of your playground is to test a child’s imagination without compromising safety. Luckily, Sterling West has a solution that brings out the best in your equipment without compromising safety standards. Featuring resilient rubber, our poured in place rubber playground surfacing is the perfect solution that will minimize injury risk, keep children playing, and let parents and teachers relax knowing their children are safe.



Because poured in place surfacing can be done on flat or hilly land, a concrete or stone base needs to be established before pouring. Our well-trained and experienced contractors are certified to install the solution that will give your playground personality, all while building a base that children can play on for years to come.

  • Colors – Over 25 different options!
  • Logos – Customize your school or organization’s logo into your surface.
  • Patterns – Checkerboard or swirls, waves or dots, anything is possible.
  • Size – Any size and any shape, poured-in-place surfacing works!


For supreme longevity and minimal maintenance costs, Sterling West’s poured in place rubber surfacing is the most cost-effective solution for your playground. It’s able to withstand countless hours of running, jumping, and playing, our surfacing won’t quit, even after your child is tired and ready to go home. Because when they’re ready to come back for more, you can rest easy knowing that Sterling West is ready too. Find a solution that lasts a lifetime on your forever playground.  Call today for a free custom estimation!