Allow Kids’ Imaginations Run Wild With Free Play Equipment

Free Play

With no entry and no exit, a free play playground lets children explore and discover different activities at their own will. A magical challenge of spinners, rings, ropes, slides, tires, and twisters are sure to wonder and amaze even the older kids. A free playground offers added benefits, as well as standing out as something unique and different than the average modular playground. Sterling Wests provides a wide range of playground climbing structures to add to your modern playground to truly make it somewhere a child wants to discover.

Benefits of Unstructured Free Play

  • Extra physical activity
  • Develops executive function skills
  • Social skill development
  • Creative skills development

Sterling West Free Play

At Sterling West, we pride ourselves on making and developing the best playgrounds in the Midwest. The notion of free play is a newer concept that many schools and organizations are implementing. Because it gives children the option to use their imagination in new, different ways, these free play playgrounds can become anything they want. Instead of having a theme or prescribed play, these structures allow for a child’s imagination to run wild and grow.

By fully immersing a child or group of children in free play, their focus is never lost, and creativity is fostered for the development of young minds. The space you have available can be manipulated with the availability of free play structures, spinners, and panels. If you think a free play playground is a unique opportunity to add to your organization, call Sterling West to get more information on how you can impact a child’s imagination, today!