Whether You Want To Be A Policeman Or A Mermaid, We Have A Themed Playground For You

Sterling West's Themed Play

At Sterling West, we are kids at heart. We spend our days designing playgrounds, thinking about playgrounds, and occasionally, playing on playgrounds. While we’d love to make believe we are kids again, as adults we get to help kids discover themselves through themed play.


What Is Themed Play?

Jumping on a pirate ship or catching the bad guy, whatever your child imagines, it feels real to them. Themed playground equipment helps facilitate those dramatic skills as well as boost interaction with others. See their imagination run wild all by choosing the right playground for your organization.


Theme Play Benefits

While we don’t want to toot our own horn (although we have a pretty cool train playground option) our themed play playgrounds help kids develop in ways that other playgrounds can’t. Teachers and parents alike enjoy seeing the additional benefits our themed play areas can add for children;

  • Learn about themselves and the world
  • Work out problems
  • Develop complex social skills
  • Cultivate social and emotional intelligence
  • Synthesize knowledge and skills


Sterling West’s Themes

We’ve helped many organizations create, design, and implement special themes just for them. With some predesigned options available, we can add to or build a custom theme just for you and your project. The kids in us want to help boost the imagination of others. Some of our favorite themes we’ve helped build are;

  • Sand Castle with lifeguard shack
  • Battle of Skull Island with two pirate ships
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Ocean Liner
  • Rocket Ship
  • Police Station
  • Choo-Choo Train with engine and caboose
  • Airport
  • Ranger Station and Tree House
  • Marsh
  • And More!

So whether you want to be a helicopter pilot or learn to farm, our themed play options will bring joy and happiness to the kid in all of us.