The Centerpiece Of Today’s Playground Will Wow Your Community

Traditional Playgrounds

The centerpiece to most playgrounds is a traditional play system. It’s the beacon of hope a child sees when they pull up to the park or run to school. The bright colors contrast against everything and speak out to everyone about how much fun can be had on a Sterling West playground. Over the last twenty years, playgrounds have developed into structures that offer more accessibility, longer lifespan, better materials, and a wider range of activities available for all.

More Accessibility

An all-inclusive playground allows all ages and physical levels to have fun and learn from interacting. ADA accessible playgrounds have a wide range of ramps, wheelchair accessible activities, and swings that offer additional protection. Involving everyone in the fun of a playground is easier than ever with the variety of ADA certified playground equipment from Sterling West.

Long Lifespan & Better Materials

We are proud of our playgrounds because they last for years! We put our money where our mouth is and offer one of the longest warranties in the playground world. Don’t you want your investment to last for years of laughter and fun? We do! Many different components help our playgrounds out-muster the other guys;

  • Rotationally molded plastics have anti-static inhibitors
  • Textured HDPE panels are durable and UV resistant
  • Super durable powder coat protects against sun’s rays and salt
  • Modular shades block 91-99% of UV rays
  • Steel decks are among the thickest in the industry
  • Stainless steel hardware that won’t rust

All our pieces are proudly made in the USA and must past a long list of stringent testing to be approved by Sterling West. Our playgrounds all pays ASTM, CPSC, and ADA guidelines for superior playground equipment. Whether you are improving your standing playground or starting from scratch, Sterling West is ready to help you see why a traditional playground can last for years and be one of the most fun investments you’ve ever made!