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Sterling West CAD Library

The modern playground, outdoor fitness area, and park have many options as far as equipment, the use of existing terrain, landscaping, and accessibility options. Choosing among those possibilities while keeping to your budget, finding functionality, and adhering to space constraints can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help! Our CADdetails page helps mange your playground design and is always kept up to date with the latest products and project details. Everything you download is tracked and saved so everyone in your organization can help you design the perfect park.


Norwell Outdoor Fitness

We are proud to be an authorized Norwell outdoor fitness equipment dealer in North America.  Norwell’s philosophy is that lasting and functional exercise parks are an investment in public spaces and they should be built from the finest quality materials. Every detail of a Norwell fitness park is well thought out to ensure the maximum benefit to the outdoor fitness areas all while being low-maintenance and nonobtrusive in nature. As the front-runner in outdoor fitness equipment design, we are delighted to show you everything their CAD library has to offer when planning your outdoor space. You’ll be able to;

  • Visualize the designs of machines
  • Access accurate measurements
  • Download drawings of machines and packages
  • Begin planning what your space needs


Development Of A Park

After your initial consultation, we will present you with two to three options that are designed specifically for your park for you to consider. The main question we ask is, “What is the best outcome for this project?” We base all our proposals on your answer to this question. These proposals are presented as 3D images on large posters. To further get a feel for how the finished product will look, we take pictures of the building site and superimpose the new fitness stations or equipment on them. Changes to design, material choice, layout of equipment, decisions about landscaping, and more can be made during this stage of the planning process. We can help make presentations to wow boards, committees, executives, trustees, or any other group that is involved in the decision-making process and we will make sure you are well armed for the decision process.