Test Your Balance On Sterling West’s Balancing Elements

Balancing Elements

Whether they are pretending to be the next US gymnast or staying off of hot lava, adding balancing elements to your playground allows children to use their imagination all while engaging in challenging body activities. We have a variety of balance beams, balancing pods, and other balancing equipment to test even the sturdiest child.


Sterling West’s balancing equipment is available in a variety of designs, so you get to choose how to bring your entire playground, park, or outdoor play area together. Balance beams and other balancing equipment are the perfect way to connect multiple playground structures. Sterling West offers connecting pieces to unify modular sections into one cohesive, all-encompassing play area. For endless hours of fun and boundless opportunities to let your child explore their imagination, choose Sterling West’s balancing equipment.


Types of Balance Equipment

  • Balance Beam
  • Zig-Zag Balance Beam
  • S-Jump Beam
  • Rubber Mushroom Pods
  • Lilly Pad Steps


Balance beams and stepping pods are a terrific way to develop dynamic balance in a child, giving them a platform to explore other activities like gymnastics, dance, or sports later in life. Our cost-effective, safe equipment is the perfect way to develop skills that your child previously didn’t know they had inside themselves—if the sky’s the limit, let Sterling West’s playground equipment be the vehicle that helps them build the skills and confidence to get there.


For the type of balance that would make an Olympian envious, Sterling West’s balance beams and stepping pods are a great way to boost a child’s idea of what they can achieve. Balance beams build solid concentration skills and help them focus on a concrete goal. There’s no bigger thrill than watching your child succeed. Let Sterling West create the platform to help them along the way. Everyone has to start somewhere—maybe the next Olympic gold medalist will get their start on your Sterling West balance beam.