Climb A Giant Spider’s Web Or Get On The Pirate Ship – The Imagination Is Up To You

Net Play

It could be a spider web or the crow’s nest of a pirate ship, whatever it is, it’s a Sterling West rope net playground! Kids have an innate love of climbing, and we help them reach their full potential as they reach for the stars. Nets are a great addition to both modular playgrounds and free-form playgrounds. Whether you want to add on to an existing playground or create a new one, Sterling West can help unravel the web of netting questions you may have.


What Is Net Play?

“Net play,” also known as climbing nets, help children learn to balance and maneuver in ways a solid structure can’t. The design and function of climbing nets add a new, unique dimension to your playground that will stand out from the rest. Nets are a must for a complete play system! Many of our nets can be seen from far away, which adds to the excitement and differentiates your playground from the rest. Net play is found to;

  • Foster physical strength
  • Grow social skills
  • Develop cognitive skills


Sterling West’s Nets

Our nets are powered by inCord Play, a custom rope and netting company. Their patented Netform® rope is a six-strand steel core rope that is safe, durable, and one of a kind. We trust inCord Play because they have developed nets for almost 25 years and stand firmly behind their construction of the nets. With many options, colors, and configurations available, we can find the perfect net climber to fit within your space. Get climbing today with a net designed for your space with Sterling West!