Pre Designed Park Equipment Makes The Construction Of Your Park Simpler

Our experts can make your park design easy.

Sterling West offers a free-to-use playground design service. This can get you started on planning the equipment and pre-engineered buildings in your outdoor structures. We can help you design every aspect of your commercial playground equipment before anyone breaks ground. We will help you imagine the perfect play environment that encourages physical activity while still focusing on a design that will keep people safe. We offer this service free of charge because we are committed to making your vision a reality.

If you are under a strict time table, then we also offer pre-engineered equipment designs that you can choose from directly. This will cut out the design time and save you a lot of work in the whole process. We have 12 years of expertise in the parks and recreation industry that you can utilize to your advantage.

You can place your trust in us to plan your park. We already have pre-engineered structures that have been put into place for a variety of clients including active adult communities, corporate campuses, hospitality spaces, luxury condos, homeowners associations, and sports or healths clubs.    

We don’t just build ways for you to have fun, we also construct ways for you to stay fit.

Part of out pre-engineered equipment services is the outdoor fitness equipment from Norwell Outdoor Fitness. We have already been fans of playground fitness for years, but our partnership with Norwell takes that even further. The revolutionary outdoor fitness equipment that we provide with Norwell is one of our most innovative campaigns. Norwell products are sweeping the nation and becoming a big part of parks everywhere.

These exercise tools integrate easily into your outdoor spaces, designed with functionality and appearance in mind. This is not standard exercise equipment or just outdoor gym equipment – Norwell invented a whole new genre of park exercise equipment. They had to operate within the confines of these outdoor spaces, meaning no electricity and nothing that can be picked up and taken away.

One of the focuses of this outdoor exercise equipment was inclusivity.  

There are structures available to work out every part of the body with nearly all of the exercise pieces offering low impact workouts also. We want all aspects of park structures to be as inviting as possible to everyone. Many of these pieces of equipments can be easily used by physically challenged people as well.

The Norwell exercise pieces are also all environmentally friendly since they require no electricity and have no impact after their installation. All of these pieces will encourage an active lifestyle around your campus, park, or complex which directly aligns with Sterling West’s personal mission to inspire all people to have fun, get outside more, and stay fit.