Excellent Sun Protection With A Unique Design

Commercial shade sails’ unique shape provides a level of flexibility that is not easily matched by traditional shade structures. Each sail starts with an ultra-durable fabric with a standard ten year warranty as well as standard height options of 8’, 10’, and 12’. Both the supports’ structures and fabrics come in a variety of colors to fit right into your current theme. Our sails come in a variety of shapes and styles for every shade solution. Find the design that best suits your needs below.


Triangle Sail

Our triangle sail shade is our most practical and versatile sail canopy. With the freedom of up to 50 feet per triangular edge, this custom shade is perfect for covering a picnic table or shade an entire pool.

Hyperbolic Sail

Our hyperbolic sail shade is the premier choice for activity areas that need to look exceptional and function just as well in the heat. The rectangular design reduces the number of attachment points to cover a large area.

Multiple Sail Shades

Pairing multiple sails is an easy and effective way to create a truly unique structure. The combination of sails provides ample sun protection with a fun look.

Sand Dollar Sail

The Sand Dollar Sail utilizes a unique layered style to maximize protection from harmful UV rays. This exceptional shade structure offers designer appeal with outstanding coverage in both a square and hexagon arrangement.

Quad Sail

The Quad Sail sports an appealing architectural design great for country clubs, resorts, and city parks. The shape is similar to the standard hip design with one significant difference – instead of one square fabric covering the entire frame, the quad sail separates into multiple triangular sails. This both adds an aesthetic appeal and provides greater flexibility around obstacles.

Kite Hip Sail

The Kite sun shade sail is a popular choice for uniquely shaped or difficult areas to cover. The special kite shape allows for a large range of configurations to meet your needs. The optional Glide Elbow™ both increases versatility and reduces the time needed for installation and removal.

Modular Quad Sail

Create a stylistic look that maintains effective functionality. This single module is specifically designed for square and rectangular decks. Exclusively equipped with Glide Elbow™ connections, the sail fabric can be easily removed for repairs or extreme weather. The entire unit fits 3.5” and 5” diameter posts and an ideal sail canopy for existing playgrounds. Designed to fit 36” and 48” square playground decks, the Modular quad sail adds sun protection without disturbing the set which could require permitting, surface removal, large footing, and complete assembly.

Custom Sails

Even with all of these options, we understand that there will always be outliers that require specialized solutions. To accommodate this need, we offer a versatile customization process to fit your space perfectly. Our evave heights come in 8’, 10’ and 12’ with a variety of lengths and widths to meet your specifications. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.