Keep Litter to a Minimum

Curb litter and keep your outdoor space beautiful with plenty of park trash cans.

When guests come to your park to enjoy the outdoor space, they need somewhere to dispose of their food wrappers, drink containers and other garbage they may bring with them. Nobody wants the alternative; to visit a littered, neglected park so make sure you have plenty of outdoor trash receptacles and recycling bins, so your guests have a place for their refuse.

Customizable commercial trash receptacles

Your commercial waste receptacles are available in plenty of different styles and materials designed to match existing furniture and surroundings. Our wide selection of heavy-duty, commercial garbage cans and park trash cans are constructed with the best in available materials such as steel, recycled plastic, concrete, aluminum, wood or fiberglass. They can be covered with durable coatings that are built to withstand outdoor elements or vandalous activities. You can choose from a vast variety of colors and styles of decorative trash cans to match your brand or location. Matching pet waste and cigarette receptacles are also available to keep your environment litter-free. We can even install animal-resistant receptacles to prevent scavenging from bears or wolves.

Call Sterling West

Even small things like trash cans can add something to your park, and Sterling West can help you choose the right receptacles for your park with an eye toward aesthetics, functionality, and your budget. If what you want is difficult to find, we will help you find the perfect item. Or better yet we can even custom make something new or transform existing structures.  Contact us today to see how much of a difference we can make for your outdoor project.