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A Norwell Outdoor Fitness park is a combination of architectural form with clear function; it’s sculptural art with the ability to sculpt bodies and minds.

Should your community consider a Norwell Outdoor Fitness park? Absolutely! Here are five reasons why:

1. Norwell’s equipment uses your body weight as resistance, making the equipment easy to operate and safe for any user. No changing out weights or setting up the equipment from user to user. Plus it requires minimal maintenance!

2. Its stainless steel minimalistic design enhances the landscape. No gaudy colors to distract from the natural surroundings, just a simple, easy flowing, stylish design that encourages movement and interaction.

3. Work out alone or with a friend. Some pieces allow two users at once, allowing you to bring a friend for extra motivation, and all the other pieces are within speaking distance. You can also log workouts and challenge friends using the Norwel app.

4. Any age or ability level can use it. Whether you’re 8 or 80 or you’re in top shape or no shape at all, Norwell’s equipment is suitable for all physical fitness levels.

5. An outdoor fitness park promotes positive interactions among users and provides a sense of community. Whether it’s in a city park, school playground, college campus, corporate fitness center, 55+ retirement community, or vacation resort, a Norwell Outdoor Fitness park brings people together with similar goals.

The physical and emotional benefits of regular exercise—especially in the outdoors—are undeniable.

Healthy, positive-minded individuals strengthen a community.

Make your community strong. Build a Norwell Outdoor Fitness park today.

Sterling West is a park, playground, safety surfacing, and outdoor fitness representative company based in Gothenburg, Nebraska. Our mission is to experience the joy seeing people of all ages have fun and stay fit, knowing we have enriched the lives of others. For more information or for a free consultation, call Sterling West at 877-537-3470 or check us out at