Maintain your playground’s safety surfacing with plastic playground borders. Loose-fill surfacing such as rubber crumb mulch, wood chips, and gravel are difficult to contain in your play area without a border to hold it in place. Plastic playground borders secure your loose-fill surfacing so you don’t have to continually replace lost materials, ultimately saving you money.

Plastic playground borders have rounded corners, making them safe for any play area. Unlike wood timbers, plastic playground borders have no sharp edges and will never rot, decay, splinter, or secrete poisonous arsenic. In addition, playground borders are virtually maintenance-free.

Playground borders are available in two sizes: 4′ long by 12″ high by 4” wide or 4′ long by 8″ high by 4” wide. They are lightweight and easy to assemble—simply snap them together and secure in the ground using 12″ or 8″ spikes. Retro-Fit ends will allow you to customize perimeter lengths. Connect the 8″ borders to the 12″ borders with a conversion kit should you find you need to use both sizes on one play area.

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